Pat Ledbetter

PAT LEDBETTER on Texas Politics 

Just a few ways to restore reason in our politics:

  1. Stand together against the ugly partisan divide rampant in our state and nation;
  2. Restore civility and rational discussion to our political system;
  3. Expand access to health care and save rural hospitals;
  4. Support public schools and teachers;
  5. Make college and technical training more affordable; and
  6. Expand internet and cell phone service in rural Texas. 

Pat Ledbetter

PAT LEDBETTER – Together we can build a better Texas for all!

PAT LEDBETTER believes Texas politicians care more about their party than their constituents.  

As a long-time educator, Pat has seen firsthand the struggles young people face today, even as political leaders ignore the barriers holding them back.  Her campaign for the Texas legislature focused on issues critical to the state’s future: better schools, affordable health care, solid infrastructure, and accessible college and career training. Her purpose here is to continue advocating for the next generation of Texans on these and other issues.

She believes the most important thing we can all do for our democracy is to restore civility and rational discussion to our political system. Without that, policy positions are meaningless because we can’t accomplish anything constructive as long as we are focused on the destruction of our rivals. We must stop identifying our fellow Americans, our friends, neighbors and even family members, as our enemy and instead engage in constructive dialogue to build a social, political, and economic structure that benefits all Texans.

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