Pat Ledbetter for Texas 68

PAT LEDBETTER – For Texas House District 68


  • You’re sick and tired of the ugly partisan divide that is rampant in our country right now!
  • If you want to restore civility and rational discussion to our political system.
  • If you’re ready to expand access to health care and save rural hospitals.
  • If you’re ready to support public schools and school teachers.
  • If you’re ready to make college and technical training more affordable.
  • If you’re ready to push Internet and Cell Phone Service in rural Texas to the next level.
  • If you’re ready for a Unifier who will work across party lines to find solutions for all Texans!

Pat Ledbetter

PAT LEDBETTER – A Unifier Who Gets Things Done!

PAT LEDBETTER is a Unifier – NOT a Divider.

As a long-time educator, Pat has seen firsthand the struggles young people face today. She is running for the Texas Legislature House of Representatives to secure a better future for the next generation of Texans. To build the future, Texas needs better schools, affordable health care, solid infrastructure, and accessible colleges and career training.

She promises to NEVER engage in the mean spirited rhetoric that has come to dominate our politics.

If she can win only by tearing others down, she’d prefer to lose.

She believes the most important thing any candidate can do for our democracy today is to restore civility and rational discussion to our political system. Without that, policy positions are meaningless because we can’t accomplish anything constructive as long as we are focused on the destruction of our rivals.

We must stop identifying our fellow Americans, our friends, neighbors and even family members, as our enemy. Instead, she feels the focus of any political campaign should be about educating the voters regarding the issues that relate directly to their lives.

She believes strongly in the numerous position papers she’s written. That’s why her position papers are rather lengthy. 

For education on any subject to be meaningful it has to be based on facts and evidence – that’s what she tries to provide in these position papers.

CLICK HERE to Review Pat’s Position Papers


Are you ready for a difference maker?

Are you ready for civility in politics?

Are you ready for someone eager and willing to work across party lines for the good of all Texans?

Vote for Pat Ledbetter for Texas House District 68!